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Working on a New project

Always excited to introduce new projects since it gets our creative juices running manifold. Our projects are what defines us and we are pleased to announce that we have started working on a new project for Solar4All. We are delighted since it’s a relatively unique field and our portfolio would become more versatile and diversified because of our new customer.  

We have already studied the flow of processes within the organization to ensure that the entire processes are incorporated into our proposed IT solution and management technique. Based upon the nature of the company, we have proposed a webshop so that their customer interactivity increases while also including a progressive web app which has known to result in an added advantage for many companies. 

As an IT consultancy firm, we are focused on providing the best of our services to our customers to ensure that their vision is fulfilled through offering other supporting resources. Our partners and tools displayed on our website further support the IT solutions proposed by us. Thus, aiming at providing ease and convenience to our customers we provide a variety of related services. 

Many times, companies struggle in terms of selecting the appropriate IT platform since they lack the required expertise and capabilities to fund their solutions. Our rich experience in the field of IT mitigates the risk and funding factor for our customers through our proposed plans. Additionally, we also provide custom reports regarding insights further enriching the experience that we design for our customers. 

PlatformVisions is therefore working on an integrated B2B application for our company, including connections with the ERP, CRM, Logistics and Financial systems to ensure a quick flow of data from various departments, maintaining a real time record of data. Automation thus was quickly enabled as a sub aspect of the integration process including the entire management process, becoming quicker and more advanced. Our modern solutions aim to provide the best of both worlds, working towards the interest of the company while also ensuring that the experience of their end-consumers is also amazing and quick. 

As soon as our project is completed and the results are in, we’ll be sure to update the rest of you all with them as well. Since you are a family and we forever want you to be part of the business environment of PlatformVisions, building your vision from scratch!

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